The leadership of BYuT and Party of Regions factions have already made a strategic decision to unite their factions, Kommersant-Ukraine daily reports. According to the information of a newspaper’s source, BYuT set three main conditions to its partners. “First – Yulia Tymoshenko must stay on post of the government’s head. Second – amendments concerning reduction of President’s authorities must be introduced into the Constitution. Third – a moratorium is imposed on elections in the nearest future”, Party of Regions top deputy head Borys Kolesnikov claimed to the newspaper.

“The talks between the Party of Regions and BYuT have become public, but, nevertheless, no forecasts can be made at present”, the MP stressed.

At the same time, a source in the Party of Regions leadership believes that the faction may agree to form a coalition with BYuT, even if Yulia Tymoshenko will stay as the Prime Minister. However, none of the Party of Regions faction members could guarantee a positive outcome of the talks.

“The decree on dissolving the Verkhovna Rada with an open date is already lying on the President’s table, so he can sign it at any time. Contrary to the previous decree, which was publicized on October 8 and suspended later, this one will be substantiated with a total legal and moral right of Victor Yushchenko to dissolve the parliament”, a source from the Presidential Secretariat disclosed.