Business groups hatch shadow plot in parliament – Yushchenko

14:47, 08 December 2008
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President won`t come to Rada on Tuesday

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko believes that business groups hatch a shadow plot in parliament.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, President’s Press-Secretary Iryna Vannikova claimed this to a press conference on Monday.

According to her, the President’s position concerning the situation in parliament remains invariable: lawmakers should resume their activities as soon as possible, to form a coalition and start an efficient work.

“The country has been deprived of parliament for three months already, as a result, strategically important legislative decisions, including the adoption of the anti-crisis legislation, are blocked”, I.Vannikova said.

According to her, the anti-crisis measures that were already adopted, in fact, are low-efficient. She said, in the opinion of the President, business groups in parliament, instead of looking for understanding, are busy with hatching a plot. In the opinion of Victor Yushchenko, this plot has nothing in common with defense of national interests, and, in fact, is aimed at destruction of democratic changes.

I.Vannikova stressed that, namely due to this fact, Victor Yushchenko will not take part in the Verkhovna Rada session on Tuesday. According to her, Victor Yushchenko assesses his participation in parliament as a dialog with the Ukrainian society. At the same time, it is unacceptable for the head of state when they try to legalize their “business-tandem” with his presence.

I.Vannikova pointed out that the President of Ukraine will carry out a dialog with lawmakers only after they will restore their internal organization and declare their political priorities.

According to I.Vannnikova, the President once again stressed that the law on early parliamentary election was suspended but not cancelled.

She stressed, the Victor Yushchenko will return to final solving this question when it becomes clear that an unable to work parliament blocks the anti-crisis policy.


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