BYuT faction leader Ivan Kyrylenko hopes that the majority of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense bloc will vote for forming the coalition with BYuT and Our Ukraine, despite the negative position of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, I.Kyrylenko claimed this to journalists on Friday, commenting on MP Roman Zvarych’s words, who said that the President does not want OU-PSD to form a coalition with BYuT and the Lytvyn’s Bloc.

“We knew that but we believed till the very last moment that everything would be all right and that OU-PSD would come to its senses”, I.Kyrylenko said.

Asked whether BYuT may form coalition with the Party of Regions if OU-PSD refuses to form the coalition of “three”, I.Kyrylenko stressed that they never supported formation of such a coalition. According to him, BYuT and Party of Regions really held talks, but the BYuT faction never voted in support of this coalition.

Asked what BYuT would do if a snap parliamentary poll is announced, I.Kyrylenko said: “We`ll cross ourselves and take part in elections”.