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"In the near future, I'll publish the lists of prisoners of war and missing in action, which I received as a result of a meeting in Minsk, as well as collected since my release from the Russian captivity," she wrote on Facebook.

Read alsoSavchenko says war in Donbas could be finished within two monthsAt the same time, adviser to the chief of the SBU Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandyt said on 112 Ukraine TV channel that the SBU knows these lists and is working with them, but these lists cannot be used for any selfish purposes, to manipulate these lists, engage in political PR; it is important to remember that these are the lives of people, and it is necessary to do everything to release them.

In addition, he gave an affirmative answer to the question whether the SBU would conduct an explanatory work with Savchenko.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Nadiia Savchenko, with Russia's mediation, had met with the self-styled militant leaders of breakaway "republics" during her visit to Minsk. The MP later claimed that the "talks" regarded the process of a prisoner exchange.

The fact of her unauthorized direct contact with the Russian-backed militants was widely criticized in Ukraine.