Arseniy Yatseniuk, MP (OU-PSD faction) and former Verkhovna Rada Speaker, plans to create a political party on basis of Front of Changes public initiative.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Arseniy Yatseniuk disclosed this to journalists in Kyiv on Tuesday.

“I began from an initiative of Arseniy Yatseniuk, which is called “Front of Changes”. This is a first step towards uniting people who seek changes, who know how to introduce changes, who are able to do that, and have a desire, regardless of their age, and the second stage will be, of course, creation of a political party”, Arseniy Yatseniuk said.

At the same time, the lawmaker noted he is categorically opposed to forming any party structures “from above”. “If there is a public demand, and I will see it through the Front of Changes, then my regional trips and creation of a political party will become the next step”, he said.

A.Yatseniuk added that at present he does not need to discuss the opportunity of his participation in the regular presidential election.