The People’s Union Our Ukraine party will determine its position concerning members of parliament who supported the coalition with BYuT and the Lytvyn’s Bloc. President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko said this in an interview with Den, Ukrayina Moloda, and Fakty I Kommentarii newspapers on Wednesday.

According to the President`s press-office, Victor Yushchenko recalled that the Our Ukraine’s session decided that it was impossible to resume its coalition with BYuT. Victor Yushchenko expressed a hope that the lawmakers, who violated the party’s decision, will be expelled from the party as well as from the list of lawmakers with a decision of the party.

“Next week we will hold a second stage of the party session, and I’m confident that the session will determine its position concerning the people who supported the coalition contrary to the decision of the party, [will decide] how to expel these people from the list of members of parliament. Any political force would do so”, Victor Yushchenko said.

Видео дня

“It’s a good process, a process of purification. I have waited since a long time that our people determine their political choice, their party place. They did it, and I respect their choice. I think yesterday it was a worthy political day”, the President commented on the political developments of December 16, when 37 out of 72 members of Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense party faction supported formation of the parliamentary coalition with the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and the Lytvyn’s Bloc.

“The  fact is that the so-called coalition was formed on basis of political corruption”, the President is confident.

“This coalition will be able to work only if the Communist Party will join it. Speaking about such a type of coalition, it is even more shameful”, the President said.

Victor Yushchenko expressed a belief that the Yulia Tymoshenko’s desire to keep the Prime Minister’s job was the main motive for creating the coalition.