"I totally disagree with pessimistic and somewhat panicking moods concerning the future of the EU suggested by Russian propagandists to Europeans. The European project has much larger margin of safety than it is imagined in the Kremlin," Petro Poroshenko said, according to the presidential press service.

"Ukraine sometimes believes in the European project and its values more than the united Europe does, itself. And no matter how much someone wants that, we have no intention to abandon the European integration course," the Head of State said.

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The Head of State noted that the risk of spoiling the achievements of postwar cooperation and rolling decades back is high as never before. This always happens when respect to principles, values and international law is lost, said the president.

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The president stressed: "We must remember that commitment to the common values has become the basis of success of the European project. And that we, Ukrainians, will never renounce our land or trade our freedom."

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