Presidential Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha visited Zakarpatya oblast on Saturday. There he told reporters the Secretariat was now facing the challenge of helping the President constructively cooperate with Prime Minister Yanukovych and Speaker Moroz, according to the President`s press-office.

“My goal is to minimize possible conflicts and ensure cooperation,” he said, adding that Victor Yushchenko wanted to find compromises.

He called on politicians to unite and “bury the hatchet, for the whole country... will lose because of these conflicts.”

“I hope the premier will give up this reactionary rhetoric of politicians that do not care about national interests but think abou their party interests,” he said. “I have worked with Viktor Yanukovych and I am sure we will be able to build a productive dialogue.”

Mr. Baloha said the Secretariat must work efficiently. He expressed confidence “the new team in Bankova and planned reforms” would help optimize this cooperation.