The stance of Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, who believes that the decrees of the President of Ukraine are not valid without signatures of a proper Ministry and the Prime Minister, not only destroy the sphere of President’s authorities, but also create a threat to the national security, according to BYT leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

      According to the BYT press-service, she said that, on the whole, this policy indicates “good intentions” of the Party of Regions and its leader in the nearest perspective.

Yu.Tymoshenko said they have been deliberately destroying the institute of presidency and discrediting the very position of the President. “If this tendency is not stopped today, one may not rule out that in two-three days Yanukovych will demand from the President to visa in advance his decrees in the Yenakiyevo city council, the personal astrologist of the Party of Regions, or his aide Taras Chornovil”, Yu.Tymoshenko’s statement reads.

      As UNIAN reported earlier, on 21 September seven President’s decrees were returned to the Presidential Secretariat because the procedure of their publicizing was violated, according to top deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksander Lavrynovych.