Mykola Azarov briefly touched upon the questions raised in speeches at the Cabinet of Ministers’ sessions, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers. At first, he tried to destroy the myth about the new budget and claimed that Budget 2007 is more social vis-à-vis Budget 2006, as it envisages increase in all social payments. First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov also informed that in the new budget the amount of regional budgets alone was raised by 2.1 bn. UAH, in particular, for medicine plus 543 m.UAH, for food products – 520 m.UAH After the last approval, 4.3 bn.UAH was added, assistance to the families with children was increased by 5.3 bn. UAH, as Mykola Azarov stressed.

      At the same time, First Vice Prime Minister complained that the officials are trying to fight disproportion created in 2005-2006. The thoughts exist, that our dynamics of GDP was the best among the rest countries of CIS but 5% with a tail is not a perfect result comparing to 2005, especially if to take into account the quality of its increase and its structure, Mykola Azarov was quoted as saying.

      Considering the amount of investments, the orator recalled period 2003-2004 when direct foreign investments totaled 2.3 bn.UAH. In reality, the country faces decrease of investments into the basic capital at the expense of own resources of our enterprises, he informed.

      According to First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, the low level of inflation is explained as owing to great volume of foodstuffs, but the primary question here is to resume market of our products we have lost for now.

      He also informed the audience about the lack of 640 m.UAH for child birth assistance, plus 750 m.UAH to finance servicemen pensions and 2 bn.UAH as subsidies for city budgets on tariffs increase.

      “Nobody means to throw stones at our predecessors, we only make unbiased, serious analysis affording to reach clear and proper decisions,” emphasized First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

      Touching upon the issue of tariffs, the official said that realization of gas extracted in Ukraine is focused only for the Ukrainian people and that, facing such a difficult situation, we shouldn’t afford “UkrNafta” to sell gas abroad. Answering to Poltava governor Mr. Asadchev, Mykola Azarov opined,” Tariffs cannot be a bit uplifted, it’s anti-economic category. Tariffs should be well-grounded, which the Government is trying to do now.”