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Moreover, Russian media have deliberately refused from creating high-profile stories, the "crucified boy"-type, choosing to release smaller-scale fake stories on given topics, according to Novoye Vremya's report citing Deynichenko as saying.

The expert named some of the latest topics: "Ukrainian regions require federalization," "Ukrainian leaders are corrupt, they are morons," and "The world is weary of Ukraine and will soon lift anti-Russian sanctions."

Read alsoNATO says it sees sharp rise in Russian disinformation since Crimea seizureExperts also draw attention to greater professionalism of Russia's fake news strategists, who often exacerbate and emphasize the existing problems, and therefore their statements are perceived as the truth.

It was reported earlier that the level of distrust of the media in Ukraine increased by 13% over the last year from 6% to 19%, according to the experts.