The contents of intercepted phone conversations reveal that a number of Ukrainian citizens, including an aide to the Ukrainian MP and NGO representatives, upon instructions of their supervisors from Russian security agencies promoted anti-Ukrainian motions in a number of regions across Ukraine, SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak told reporters Tuesday.

"The SBU along with the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has been investigating into illegal activities of former 1st assistant of ex-Minister of Education [Dmytro] Tabachnik, A.V. Kuzmenko, and a representative of  Ukrainian Choice organization [led by Viktor Medvedchuk, who is close to Vladimir Putin] P.O. Zolotarev," said Hrytsak.

He noted that these citizens had been talking about promoting for a certain payment anti-Ukrainian motions in the Zhytomir regional council.

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"Those conversations that you have heard ... We will ask questions to those whose voice was recorded," said the SBU chief.

The recorded extracts from other conversations, presented at a briefing in a YouTube clip, reveal the intentions of certain Ukrainian citizens, including an aide to the Ukrainian member of parliament, to bribe parliamentarians, to campaign for certain issues or submit anti-Ukrainian motions for consideration.

SBU-intercepted communications (the recording is in Russian)