"I've been living in Rostov. I have been renting a small house there. I meet with my family members and, of course, my associates. They have been facing challenges, too, and just like me, they dream of doing something good for Ukraine and its people. Of course, we all are dreaming of returning home and taking part in rebuilding Ukraine so that our children could live in a prosperous country," TASS quoted Yanukovych, who was interviewed by a group of Russian and Ukrainian journalists on the third anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, as a result of which Yanukovych fled Ukraine.

Read alsoEU to prolong sanctions against Yanukovych, his associates next week – journalistAt the same time, he said he had "no illusions or big ambitions." "It is my duty to adopt a position of principle, I must use political methods to help stop the war in Ukraine and pave the way for rebuilding Donbas, my home region, where I was born and spent 50 years of my life," he noted.

Yanukovych also said that Ukraine and Russia had huge prospects for restoring normal relations because the two countries shared centuries-long common history. "Besides, this is what our peoples want, it is only logical from all points of view, particularly from the point of view of human relations. I would like Ukraine to have good relations with all its neighbors," the former president said.