Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bessmertny will initiate Our Ukraine’s transferring to opposition should the anti-crisis coalition refuse to fulfill the National Unity pact in full.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he disclosed this to journalists today after the session of the political council and the presidium of Our Ukraine Block.

R.Bessmertny noted that this summer political forces signed the National Unity pact, which was due “to unite the East and West, South and North”.

At present, R.Bessmertny noted, there have been discussions whether to fulfill provisions of this document, or not.

He stressed that Our Ukraine insists on including the text of the National Unity Pact into the text of the future coalition agreement.

Besides, R.Bessmertny noted, the text of the agreement should include guarantees of fulfilling the Pact, as well as of the very agreement.

According to him, the regular session of the party’s political council will take place on Tuesday.