Klimkin emphasized that Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine translates into a shocking amount of Russian weaponry "pumped into the occupied Donbas and Crimea."

"It's now about 4,200 regular troops and up to 40,000 militants, it’s about more than 400 tanks and 800 armored vehicles; it's up to 1,000 artillery systems and over 200 multiple rocket launchers; around 23,000 troops in the occupied Crimea," Klimkin said.

Read alsoKlimkin begins visit to Washington with laying flowers to Shevchenko monumentHe also recalled how a Russian agent in the International Court of Justice had made a "completely ridiculous statement that the Russian-backed militants actually discovered all that weaponry being hidden in the old Soviet coal mines."

"Can anyone believe it?" Ukraine's top diplomat exclaimed.

Also, the minister noted that the Kremlin's war against Ukraine over the past three years has led to over 7% of the country’s territory being occupied, over 10,000 Ukrainians – both military and civilians – losing their lives, with more than 23,000 being injured.

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