Experts of the Agency for Modeling Situations are convinced that the election campaign 2006 is rather a contest of technologies than a contest of ideas.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, agency’s chief Vitaliy Bala claimed this to a news conference in UNIAN today.

During the news conference, V.Bala and his deputy Oleksiy Holobytski presented their new project “Initiative “Zorro”.

V.Bala disclosed that this initiatives gives experts an opportunity to “speak more naturally about the political situation.”

“The aim of the project is to prevent spreading the political apathy to the people”, he noted.

V.Bala stressed that they called on people to find a “fair politics”.

He savaged the current political elite of the state, having noted that the majority of the current politicians are “political pigmies, thinking only about themselves, and not able to think about the state interests”.

For his part, A.Holobytski criticized the current political campaign. “I want to hope that this will be the last election of technologies and not of ideas”, he said.

He added that at this election, the people will vote for “speech-writers, TV-employees, and not for a concrete political force”.