In Zakarpattia, Victor Yushchenko urged members of a future democratic coalition to remember their past mistakes, according to the President’s press-office.

When asked about the future of this alliance, the Chief of State said he did not “want to support projects that might be shaky” and added that supporters of the orange coalition would be very upset if it proved to be unstable again.

Then Mr. Yushchenko explained what the orange forces should do to unite. He believes they must first sign a coalition agreement.

The President opined that the alliance might be “fragile if not based on a powerful program” and so suggested that they should formulate a coalition plan based on his election program, Ten Steps for the People. The Head of State said this program would include mechanisms to join the WTO, integrate with the EU, stage land privatizations and introduce many other important reforms.  Then they should make a list of controversial issues and find compromises.

The Head of State said this coalition procedure was successfully applied in many European countries and reiterated that posts could not be discussed until after the first two steps were completed.

“The premier`s surname will appear when we agree on the system of values and reach political understanding,” he said.