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A relevant decision was supported by 232 out of the 327 MPs registered in the session hall.

"In accordance with the spirit and letter of the Budapest Memorandum, as well as in view of the development of a strategic partnership between our states, we appeal to the United States to consider the issue of concluding a mutual defense treaty with Ukraine and granting Ukraine Major Non-NATO Ally status," the Rada said in its address to Congress.

Read alsoNATO ships arrive in Odesa for joint drills with Ukrainian sailors until April 20The Ukrainian MPs believe that granting MNNA status to Ukraine and the defense pact between Ukraine and the United States will have a huge impact on countering Russian aggression against Ukraine, deterring the aggressor and preventing the incitement of war in Europe.

"It is in the interests of Ukraine, the United States, Europe and the world," the statement says.

The Ukrainian parliamentarians also note that "Russia's aggressive policy is not limited to Eastern Europe, it poses a threat to the whole of Europe and global stability."

"International community solidarity and the U.S. leadership in safeguarding Ukraine from the aggression will contribute to the enhancement of European and world security," the statement reads.