"Moscow is actually implementing the so-called Transnistrian scenario. But unlike Transnistria, according to our forecasts, Russia is not interested in stopping military operations, shelling, provocation, and sabotage in Donbas," Yeliseiev told Segodnia.

Read alsoPro-Kremlin tilt of Ukraine’s neighborsAccording to Yeliseiev, by escalating tension, Moscow is trying to destabilize political and economic situation in Ukraine, promoting the so-called "controlled instability," to prevent Ukraine from creating a positive background for active and successful implementation of reforms.

Read alsoEscalation in Donbas: Ukraine reports almost 90 enemy shellings, 3 KIA, 8 WIA in past 24 hours"Russia needs a constant hotbed of instability, which it is now implementing in Donbas. We will do everything we can to coordinate and mobilize the global pro-Ukrainian coalition, to put pressure on Moscow to show political will to implement Minsk Agreements. And, of course, we continue to promote the process of Crimea de-occupation," Yeliseiev said.

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