"For Ukraine, the plenary meeting of the EP [European Parliament] to vote for visa lib will be held April 6 and the EU will likely to endorse it on April 26. Signing will take place around May 15, while entry into force on June 11," the journalist tweeted.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian President's Administration Kostiantyn Yeliseiev said Ukrainians would get the right to a visa-free travel across the EU before mid-summer.

Read alsoAll Georgians to enjoy visa-free travel across EU, even those living in Russia-occupied Abkhazia and South OssetiaNotably, the European Union has enforced visa-free travel regulations for Georgian citizens on Tuesday, March 28. The decision to introduce a visa-free regime for Georgian citizens was published on March 8 in the Official Journal of the European Union. It was to come into force in 20 days, i.e. March 28.