Victor Yushchenko has called on the Regions Party, the Our Ukraine Bloc, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party to resume coalition talks, according to the President`s press-office.

“I do not think the negotiations are hopeless. I am trying to persuade each parliamentary force to reconsider their position and finish the roundtable by signing a relevant agreement,” he told reporters on Thursday.

“I am trying to draw their attention to the necessity of holding a constructive dialogue. It will not be an original idea if they part today,” he said, adding that he was convinced the negotiators still had a chance to compromise on key issues.

The President reiterated that the National Unity Pact should be the core of a new coalition agreement to help the country tackle its most pressing problems.

Mr. Yushchenko, however, said he would cooperate with both the majority and the opposition if “the talks fail.”

“We will form the status of these institutions in a way that will enable us to use the parliamentary political potential for the development of the country to the full,” he said.