Gas dispute should not be considered economic or financial - President

14:02, 29 January 2009
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The conflict was based on geopolitical interests of Russia?

Speaking at his press conference in Wroclaw, which followed Ukrainian-Polish-Czech trilateral talks, President Victor Yushchenko stressed that this year`s Ukrainian-Russian gas dispute should not be considered economic or financial, according to the President`s press-office.

"It would be a great mistake for the public to think that this conflict was commercial or economic", - he said. According to the President the conflict was based on geopolitical interests of Russia.

Speaking about regulation of the dispute President Yushchenko thanked Prime Minister Topolanek for his "tremendous efforts that the Czech Republic has made to settle the conflict". He stressed that Ukrainian-Russian agreements on gas supply "are uneasy and cannot be called partnership, but Ukraine will abide the deal" adding that neither he can call them economically substantiated.

President Yushchenko also pointed to importance of uniting European and Ukrainian energy systems to fight common challenges. Here he mentioned significance of future March 23 investment conference on modernization of Ukrainian gas transport system. "I am assured that in the nearest future we will witness important and active talks on the question", - he said.

From his part President Lech Kaczynski stressed that "gas crisis is not over yet" adding that today`s meeting was very important. According to him there was a clear connection between the conflict in Georgia and the gas conflict but the latter was not military one.

"These are elements of one policy - the policy of domination and reestablishment of influence", - said Lech Kaczynski, adding that it is important for the EU and countries in Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions to prevent this policy from being successful.


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