The Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bezsmertnyi said in the air of the 5th channel on October 5 that the opposition activity’s plan would be discussed on October 16, according to the razom web site.

      “We will be a systematic opposition voting for and supporting the issues we will consider positive” – Mr. Bezsmertnyi said.

      Answering the question about co-operation with the BYuT, he said: “We have suggested an idea of a confederation “European Ukraine”. That is the form that can work in the parliament and out of the parliament.”

      Mr. Bezsmertnyi did not rule out the possibility of certain mechanisms of co-operation such as a joint shady government or joint work at some bills”. Explaining the term “confederation”, he stressed that it was a form providing the consolidated position of parties and public organizations and the formation of a real mechanism of co-ordination.