“Talks are over, Our Ukraine is in opposition. That’s what a decision of six parties-members of the Bloc and unanimous faction decision affirm. We can’t talk about any other alternative – the Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bezsmertnyi said in the air of the 5th channel, commenting on the president’s declaration on the possibility to continue talks on the formation of a coalition, according to Razom web site. At that he noted that the president had been informed about the faction decision.

      According to Mr. Bezsmertnyi, “boats are burnt, we are in opposition”. He emphasized that the president had proposed a remedy to cure all diseases in summer; it was the National Unity Pact. It was not the Our Ukraine political force that had ignored it. Our party was the only intellectual center doing everything to gain the purpose. But other leaders were not ready for the country’s unity.

      Mr. Bezsmertnyi did not rule out the possibility of changes in the parliamentary coalition. He emphasized that there were many conflict situations between PR, SPU and CPU. 

      “The prospects of the so-called anti-crisis coalition are complicated. It is hard to work for them. There are the Communists on one side and the PR and the SPU on the other side” – Mr. Bezsmertnyi noted.