“It seems to me, a broad coalition may be formed only if the National Unity Pact is adopted by the Verkhovna Rada” – Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, MP, member of the Our Ukraine faction said in his interview to “Dzerkalo tyzhnya”, according to Razom web site. – Then the Pact will be legitimatised in the parliament and become a political and legal reality. It will extremely hard and not comfortable not to follow it”

      “There were proposals to make the Pact a legal document earlier, but they were not supported. – The MP said. – Nowadays we see how different political forces treat it in a different way”.

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      “If the Party of Regions declares that it is not ready or unwilling to observe the clauses of the Pact, it may only lead to the PM’s and the cabinet’s dismissal” – V. Kyrylenko said.