"The Ukrainian president and the Ukrainian people know our position – peace and only peace. The Ukrainians have never been strangers for Belarusians. We are close people, may some like it or not (there may be such people in Ukraine and possibly in Belarus. In Belarus, there are luckily almost none of them). We have always lived together. Nobody can divide us," the Belarusian leader stressed, according to BelTA.

Addressing the Ukrainian president, Lukashenko said: "The only way we [the Belarusians] can come to your territory is, as I said, on tractors, to help you plow the fields, if necessary," the Belarusian leader noted.

"We will be working for the sake of peace. We have no other purpose. It is not just my position. It is the position of the Belarusian people. There is a need to put an end, as soon as possible, to this internecine warfare, armed infighting, and to stop staring warily at each other," he said.

Read alsoRussian aggression against neighbors may come from Belarusian soil – Rada SpeakerBelarus is ready to continue to contribute to the peaceful settlement in Ukraine, Lukashenko said. He also noted that Ukraine is not a foreign land for him personally. "We will do everything to make sure we have peace and decent relations," he said.

The head of state clarified that the second part of the presidents' meeting that will take place in Belarus will be dedicated to people's lives and economy. "As a result of the negotiations, both Belarusians and Ukrainians will be able to make sure that we will continue the policy of friendship and mutual cooperation," Lukashenko noted.

Read alsoBelarus expects to receive $1 bln loan from Russia"You cannot choose your neighbors. This is why I assure you that Belarusians have always been reliable friends, and will remain [such friends]," the president said.