"Today, on April 27, the Russian side unilaterally cleared on the border the next (sixty-fourth) so-called 'humanitarian convoy.' Since the movement of the said convoy was again performed in a flagrant violation of international and national legislation and modalities coordinated with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Ukrainian interdepartmental group had only visually observed it[s movement] without performing any control functions," the agency's press service said.

In total, two columns of 41 vehicles with the so-called "humanitarian aid" passed through the Russian checkpoints Donetsk and Matveev Kurgan at the entrance to Ukraine.

Read alsoPoroshenko: Russia turns Crimea into world's biggest military base"Trucks were allegedly carrying children's food, as well as medications in a separate vehicle. Notably, there was a discrepancy in the number of trucks declared in the previous note issued by the Russian Federation. The car with medicines was loaded by only 10%," the press service added.

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The Russian Federation has forwarded the so-called "humanitarian convoys" to the zone of military operations in Donbas since August 2014. Ukraine's customs and border guard services are not allowed to inspect the vehicles. The Ukrainian side claimed it had obtained evidence that the trucks contained weapons, munition and anti-tank grenades among boxes with food. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly demanded that the Russian Federation stop violating the sovereignty of Ukraine under the pretext of delivering the alleged "humanitarian aid."