"I would like to thank our fraternal nation, the Belarusian state and the Belarusian president personally for what is being done for the people temporarily displaced from Ukraine. It is very important to help them and create the conditions to live and work here. Belarus provides such possibilities," Kyzym noted, according to BelTA.

The Ukrainian diplomat commented the current state of Ukraine-Belarus trade and economic cooperation. According to him, it is showing positive results.

Read alsoRFE/RL: Journalist Semena's trial adjourned after brief hearingKyzym also touched upon the topical issue of the Minsk process on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis and the role of the Minsk platform. The ambassador believes that "Minsk II" has not run its course yet.

"Those who do not want peace may not be comfortable with the Minsk platform. I think that the Minsk process has not yet been exhausted. It has proved its topicality. I have taken part in the work of the trilateral contact group and in a Normandy format meeting. Although difficult the process is moving forward. All the sides scrupulously defend their interests but at the same time manage to find compromises," Kyzym underlined.

He also remarked that the talks about "Minsk III" are untimely.