Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy, speaking at a rally of his allies on Friday, said that he prayed for them, vowed to fight against corruption, and sang “Kokhana Moya” [My Lovely] song.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, L.Chernovetskiy, having come out to the people who gathered in front of the City Hall, asked them to answer all together the following questions: “Do you love me?”, “Do I have a pretty wife?”, and “Do you love my team?”.

In answer, those present were yelling “yes”. However, the Mayor was not satisfied and asked them to answer louder.

After that, the Mayor informed that he prays for Kyiv residents every day, especially for old men and women, and all the others. “They are poor and need protection”, the Kyiv Mayor noted, adding: “I prayed that every my word entered the heart of every Ukrainian”.

L.Chernovetskiy asked whether rally participants wanted him to sing a song. Having received “yes” in answer, the Mayor asked his surrounding to bring the words of the song, and continued to communicate with his allies.

When the Mayor was singing the song, one of old women in the first row fainted and fell on the ground. City administration employees brought the woman into the city hall. So far the Kyiv City State Administration’s press-service has no information about the woman’s state of health.