The letter says that innovations, which are now imposed on representatives of non-governmental organizations engaged in combating corruption and demanding the publication of declarations about their incomes, is an unnecessary, unprecedented, and discriminatory step, according to the center's website.

The MEPs consider this move a manifestation of pressure on public activists who tirelessly perform extremely valuable work to expose and report cases of corruption in Ukraine.

Read alsoUkraine's corruption prevention agency verifying about 100 e-declarationsThey also noted that it was the protest against mass corruption at the highest state level that led Ukrainians to the Maidan revolution.

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As UNIAN reported earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine planned by the end of 2017 to draft a bill on the introduction of public declaration of income of citizens and tax control over expenditures of individuals by indirect methods. This is stated in the government's priority action plan for 2017, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

In particular, the bill will provide for the introduction of an automated system for monitoring the compliance of individuals' expenditures with their revenues.