Ukrainian troops recently took part in the Strong Europe Tank challenge, during which they were they first soldiers ever to fire a T-64 tank on base here. Since arriving at the American base, the Ukrainian tankers have had time to learn from the tank crews of allied and partner nations here, according to

“These exercises bring something new to our crews,” said Capt. Roman Bahaiev, the Ukrainian tank platoon commander. “(The Ukrainian tankers) gained a lot of knowledge and experience, here that they will be able to show in the future.”

Read alsoPoroshenko: Normandy format remains Ukraine's interestCombined Resolve, which runs from April 19 to June 16, tests U.S. Army Europe’s rotational force in a large-scale exercise alongside 10 allied and partner nations. After completing the training, the Ukrainian tank platoon will return to Ukraine to fight Russian-backed separatists.