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"And we are clearly aware that the defense of our countries starts in Ukraine. We're thankful to you for that," she told head of the Ukrainian delegation to NATO PA's 2017 spring session Iryna Friz.

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Friz, in turn, handed an analytical report on Russia's connections with terrorist organizations in the Middle East and Central Asia over to her Lithuanian counterpart.

"The document contains facts and analysis of ways of communication, support and coordination of the Russian Federation's actions with ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.," Friz wrote on Facebook.

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"Rasa Jukneviciene shared a very right thought, comparing Russian television in Europe with cigarettes: they can be bought, but packs carry a health warning label. Russian television channels can also be treated this way," Friz said.

"In response to the Ukrainian delegation's remark, Rasa said: 'I understand that you are defending my country today,'" Friz wrote.