BYuT negotiates unification with Party of Regions

12:42, 26 February 2009
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Since Friday, Chervonenko says

Yevhen Chervonenko regrets that first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk made a public statement calling on President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to step down. “It’s a pity that you made this statement, Leonid Makarovych [Kravchuk]”, Chervonenko said live on TV Ukrayina, adding that Kravchuk was merely used.

“I will acquire a lot of problems again, but I will tell the truth. Leonid Makarovych, I do respect you. You should not have done that. I believe that they use you”, he said.

According to his information, the matter concerns not struggle for the Ukrainian economics, but struggle for power, in which Yulia Tymoshenko again tries to attract the Party of Regions into the rows of its allies. “For two weeks already they have been forming a coalition of a new government, about which the Prime Minister said. Everybody has already been appointed”, he said.

When Kravchuk said that he knew nothing about that, Chervonenko noted: “So, you do not know that they have been holding consultations since Friday with the Party of Regions about unification, and so on and so forth? There is another reason. The Prime Minister does not know what to do. Because there is no access to the printing press, and because I have no right to say that there is a budget deficit”.

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