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"Tomorrow a meeting will be held in Berlin at the level of deputy foreign ministers of the Normandy Quartet. Ukraine’s foreign ministry will be represented by First Deputy Minister Vadym Prystaiko," the spokeswoman said.

"The main topic is undoubtedly the situation in Donbas and the discussion of the entire set of issues regarding the implementation of Minsk agreements. On our part, we will undoubtedly report on the escalation in Donbas and Russia's non-compliance with the Minsk agreements. None of their points have been fulfilled yet, and as you know, in the last day alone, there were about 48 shellings, and Ukrainian military were wounded, so, of course, all these questions will be raised," she said.

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"Of course, we hope for some result, to prepare a meeting at a higher level, but ... we are not supporters of holding meetings for the sake of meeting; it all depends on how effectively this meeting will be held tomorrow and whether it will yield any kind of result… Russia must implement Minsk agreements. This is the only existing document, which is the way for a peaceful settlement in Donbas," Betsa said.

"For us, the main thing now is the pressure on Russia on the part of all [other] members of the Normandy Four to make Russia fulfill Minsk Agreements," she summed up.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the German Foreign Ministry on Monday confirmed that tomorrow, on May 30, the deputy foreign ministers of Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia will meet in the Normandy format to discuss the crisis in Ukraine.

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