Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn says he may sign an address to the International Monetary Fund concerning collaboration only after the Ukrainian parliament makes a respective decision.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, V.Lytvyn said this on Monday at a meeting of the Conciliatory Council of parliamentary groups and factions.

He noted that first of all, it is necessary to sign a “respective statement”. After that, according to him, it is necessary to sign a memorandum stipulating the order of authorities’ actions. He noted he had already transferred a respective draft resolution to heads of factions.

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V.Lytvyn stressed that as soon as the parliament makes the decision, which will commission the Verkhovna Rada Speaker or other people to sign the address to IMF, in this case, this address will take place. At the same time, the Speaker noted: “It’s quite obvious that we need loans”. According to him, as of today, the International Monetary Fund is more interested in providing Ukraine with a loan.

In her turn, Party of Regions MP Hanna German praised Lytvyn’s intent not to sign the address to IMF without the parliament’s consent, as it was done by his predecessor [ex-Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk - UNIAN]. She stressed that the Party of Regions supports Lytvyn’s move.