Deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Bondar told reporters on Monday Victor Yushchenko saw no reasons to dismiss Ukraine’s five governors berated by the government for their alleged inefficiency, according to the President`s press-office.

“The President reiterates his position, declaring that there will be no politically motivated dismissals in the regions because there are no negative social and economic results in these regions,” he said. “We can state today that there are no critical mistakes committed by these administrations. There are evident positive tendencies in the development of these regions instead.” 

Mr. Bondar said the President would, however, dismiss two heads of Chernihiv’s district administrations and reprimand deputy governors of Ternopil, Lviv and Chernihiv.

He said Mr. Yushchenko would continue visiting Ukraine’s regions to meet with their governors, heads of law enforcement agencies and business leaders.