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"Supporting the demands of the society and the government, with a view to promptly establishing effective operations of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, today I submitted to the Cabinet an application for resignation from the post of a member of the Agency," Riaboshapka said.

According to him, the issue of the agency's performance must be addressed immediately. "Delaying any action discredits not only the idea of an effective body to prevent corruption, but also increases the frustration of our citizens over [the lack of] opportunities to achieve tangible results in tackling corruption," Riaboshapka wrote.

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Riaboshapka notes that the lack of timely and proper response to the NAPC problems within the agency and beyond has led to the need to take drastic measures to "resuscitate" it.

He also urged people's deputies to support the bill on the "reset" of NAPC as soon as possible.