Photo from UNIAN

The EU Ambassador noted that three years ago Ukrainians had made their European choice and today “the first concrete and real confirmation of this European choice takes place”.

“You will have an opportunity to travel to 33 countries of West Europe without any visa requirements,” he said, expressing confidence that it will deepen the integration of Ukraine into the EU, create opportunities for active contacts in the fields of culture, education, research and open new business opportunities for Ukrainians.

Read alsoUkraine saying "final goodbye" to Russian empire – Poroshenko“This is the best way to intensify relations between the EU and such a great European country as Ukraine,” the Ambassador noted calling the visa-free regime “just the first step”.

“I believe that we will be in one family soon,” the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine said, adding that “more and more Europeans will meet Ukrainians, especially fantastic Ukrainian youth and understand what is Ukraine”.