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As of 23:00 local time on June 11, some 59,627 citizens of Ukraine entered the EU, of them 11,237 had biometric passports, including 1,682 without visas, Europeiska Pravda said.

Prior to the introduction of EU visa waivers for Ukraine on June 11, foreign embassies in Ukraine issued visas to holders of both brand new biometric passports and old-style travel documents.

Read alsoUkraine MFA warns citizens against abuse of visa-free travel for workThus, only 2.8% of Ukrainian citizens out of the total number of those who traveled to the EU on Sunday, June 11, utilized their right to visa-free travel.

As reported earlier, it is necessary to have a biometric passport for visa-free travel. What is more, a traveler has to buy an insurance policy and carry a certain amount of money depending on each country's requirements.

Experts have estimated that this summer, some European resorts may cost even less than Ukrainian ones.