Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT) leader asked President Yushchenko to assist in adoption of the Law on Opposition, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

BYuT press-service has spread a letter to the President where Tymoshenko complains that Speaker Moroz and Prime Minister Yanukovych are deliberately blocking the law of so great importance for the society. Yanukovych deviates from meeting with the opposition leader and Moroz is reluctant to convene a session to discuss the Law on Opposition.

“The attempt to reconcile the relations of the authorities and the opposition to the civilized standards has been sabotaged. Pro-governmental coalition pushes the opposition aside from controlling the Cabinet of Ministers prompting irresponsibility and impunity of officials,” BYuT letter reads.

Tymoshenko is greatly concerned with the fact that Yanukovych and Moroz curtail social programs initiated by the President:

“Enormous cutting of the budget expenses for social needs equates to the financial genocide of Ukraine. The political forces constituting the anti-crisis coalition keep overtly lobbing their party interests,” BYuT leader claims.


She strongly criticizes Head of the State Property Fund Valentyna Semenyuk of creating specific conditions to her allies-businessmen for privatization.

Moreover, Yanukovych’s government pursues discriminating policy of budget funds redistribution for VAT return or sharing subventions.

Thereupon Yanukovych and Moroz are not interested in entitling the opposition to control the government. “These politicians need power, free from control and responsibility,” stresses Tymoshenko.

She wants the President to take initiative and invite the Prime Minister, the Speaker, leaders of opposition faction to consider the Law on Opposition at last.