Victor Yushchenko has met with the Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Moroz to speak about legislative issues, according to the President`s press-office.

      The President criticized next year’s draft budget. He demanded that the management of budget funds be made more transparent, social programs developed, innovational projects promoted, small and medium business nurtured and the poor protected.

      Discussing the draft project of the 2007 State Program for Economic and Social development, Mr. Yushchenko and Mr. Moroz agreed to compose it in a way enabling the President, the government and parliament to jointly implement it.

      The Head of State expressed hopes his suggestions and critical comments, which he had earlier detailed in a letter to the Verkhovna Rada, would be given proper consideration.

      Mr. Yushchenko said he was worried about the delays in the passage of WTO bills and promised to exert his influence to ensure the observance of all the necessary WTO procedures. 

      As far as the bill on the cabinet of ministers, the President said the bill proposed by the government did not include his proposals and in some chapters contradicted the Constitution of Ukraine. Thus he decided to submit his own bill to parliament for a vote.

      They also discussed prospects for the enactment of six anti-corruption bills. Mr. Yushchenko said all parliamentary forces had pledged to eradicate corruption during this year’s election campaign and added that the delays provoked the Council of Europe.

      Mr. Moroz then informed the President of results of his recent visit to Russia. He said he had discussed ways to demarcate the Ukrainian-Russian border and build closer ties in the aviation sector.