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"The bill does not exclude the possibility of introducing a police or other peacekeeping mission from the international organizations," Lutsenko told a briefing.

She noted that the bill provides for "additional mechanisms that would allow liberating and restoring Ukraine's sovereignty in Donbas." According to her, the president has proposed the bill that is now being agreed by a working group that includes the coalition members. "This draft law will be presented to the Minsk group led by our Vice Speaker Iryna Gerashchenko [Ukraine's humanitarian envoy to the Trilateral Contact Group on the Donbas settlement] so that it could be widely discussed," Lutsenko said.

She also said that the bill would "update the legal framework and the ability of troops to hold arms and protect the state."

"The ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] as such has completed its phase," she said.

Read alsoPoroshenko to table Donbas reintegration bill in parliament soon – lawmakerIn her words, the draft law stipulates the establishment of a clear status of certain areas of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as well as the creation of a single headquarters which will be subordinated to the President of Ukraine. It will include military and civil administrations, the Ministry for Reintegration of Donbas, which will be provided with additional functions and powers that will allow the president to impose martial law in certain areas. Moreover, the headquarters will involve the SBU Security Service, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the police. It is also expected to provide solutions for major humanitarian issues, security, environment, etc.

Lutsenko stressed that the bill provides for the restoration of sovereignty exclusively by political and diplomatic means, within the framework of the Minsk agreements.

The bill is to be tabled in Ukraine's parliament before the end of the session, she said.