"I think it is obvious. To date, the U.S. adopts additional sanctions almost every day. I consider the position of the United States as a solid, reliable and strategic partner of Ukraine," Poroshenko said at a briefing following the meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House answering the question whether he had received a clear confirmation from the U.S. President that sanctions against Russia would not be lifted until the return of Crimea and termination of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the press service reported.

Read alsoPoroshenko after meeting with Trump: We receive strong support from U.S.At the same time, Poroshenko noted that there was no need to change the format of the Minsk negotiations as regards the resolution of the Donbas issue. "The United States is our partner. We are really interested in involving the U.S. in the active process," he emphasized reminding that the U.S. was a country-guarantor according to the Budapest Memorandum.

"Today's meeting confirms the importance of Ukraine for the United States and a strong determination to support our state," Poroshenko said.