All ministers from the Our Ukraine political force, Roman Zvarych, Yuri Pavlenko, Yuri Polyachenko and Ihor Likhovyi have written applications for resignation this morning, according to the Our Ukraine’s web site. The Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko also did it, but later he recalled his resignation.

      That’s what the Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bezsmertnyi said at a today’s press conference. “Applications were registered exactly at 10.50” – he noted.

      “Ukraine is living in new political realities. – Mr. Bezsmertnyi said. – Today’s resignation is the first example in the history of Ukraine when the ministers resign and their motivation is political”.

      “When it became clear that the so-called “anti-crisis” coalition members were not going to implement the National Unity Pact and it had broken our country’s foreign and domestic policy, the Our Ukraine political force transferred to opposition. – Mr. Bezsmertnyi noted. The Our Ukraine faction leader noted that Ukraine’s history did not know any example of opposition in times of parliamentary-presidential republic. “That’s why the Our Ukraine suggests its own ideas how to consolidate opposition forces”.

      According to Mr. Bezsmertnyi, a confederation “European Ukraine” should be such a consolidating institution. He added that the National Unity Pact would be a political constitution of the confederation”.

      “We suggest forming an opposition government” – Mr. Bezsmertnyi noted.