The Our Ukraine faction leader Roman Bezsmertnyi declares that he would resign if the party congress voted for coming back to the “anti-crisis coalition”. That’s how he answered the question about a possibility to come back to the talks at a party congress, according to Razom web site.

      “I want to change the phrase of a classic of Ukraine’s politics “the Verkhovna Rada can do anything”. The party congress can do anything and take any decision – he noted. – If it happens, it means that the leading bodies had not managed to fulfill the task. Under such circumstances I would have to resign”.

      Mr. Bezsmertnyi added that he fulfilled the will of the bloc, the will of the party.

      “The Our Ukraine had not talks with the bandits. It had talks with the political force Ukrainian people had voted for” – Roman Bezsmertnyi answered the question about consultations between the OU and the PR.

      “We tried to come to an agreement with the Party of Regions for the sake of Ukraine’s unity and well-being. The war with the people’s elects is not a way out” – he stressed.

      According to Roman Bezsmertnyi, representatives of political forces lacked patience and common sense in order to finish the dialogue.

      “It’s a pity that the dialogue had not resulted in anything and the idea of national unity had not been supported” – he noted.

      “The Pact is not fulfilled, the Our Ukraine is in opposition” – Mr. Bezsmertnyi emphasized.