The Russian military officials claim that Viktor Ageyev could not have signed a contract with the Russian Armed Forces within four days, as he asserted in his interview with TSN news service, because the process supposedly takes more than a month, Radio Svoboda reports.

In an earlier interview with TSN, Ageyev said that he was serving in Novocherkassk-based Communications Regiment and the training center of the Russian Aerospace Forces. He confirmed that in March 2017 he had arrived in Rostov region and signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Russia. According to the detainee, he came to his unit’s base, stayed there for some four days, then signed a contract, and was almost immediately deployed to the Ukrainian Donbas.

Read alsoDetainee Ageyev captured in Donbas confirms being Russia’s "contracted serviceman"Subsequently, Viktor Ageyev was detained by Ukrainian forces in Luhansk region.

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Currently, he is kept in a pre-trial detention facility in Starobelsk.

The Defense Ministry of Russia maintains that Ageyev had previously served in the Russian army, but "was dismissed" back in May 2016.