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Despite having passed the first reading, the bill has two more to go before being signed by the president. Moreover, the Verkhovna Rada has already failed to pass the financing mechanism for the reforms. Without financing, the reforms cannot be implemented, Mr Taylor wrote in his article titled “Ukraine’s Parliament Faces Moment of Truth” published by the Atlantic Council.

Since Soviet times, Ukraine has operated under the myth that medical assistance is free under its constitution. As Acting Health Minister Dr. Uliana Suprun has noted, "Ukraine has a big problem—we lie. We say that medicine is free, but it is not so. We all pay for everything from the beginning when we go to the hospital. We have to stop the lying and tell the truth. We need a system where people feel that the state cares about them and gives them financial guarantees.” This myth of free health care is a major factor in facilitating corruption within the system, and it must be eliminated.

MPs are attempting to water down the reform bill as draft laws proposed last week would eliminate all co-pays and preserve the illusion of free medicine.

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