Petro Poroshenko emphasized that he had neither moral nor political right to give up the letter and spirit of the Association Agreement, its purpose, its meaning for the Ukrainian nation and for the future of the state.

The president has emphasized that the Agreement is a document for which millions of Ukrainians came out to the Revolution of Dignity. “It has become a symbol of struggle of the Ukrainian nation for freedom, independence, common values of Ukraine and the EU, free and democratic development of Ukraine, right to choose the future of our state freely,” he said.

Read alsoUkraine sees strong opposition from 3 EU states against notion of country’s accession path in UA-EU Summit’s joint statement - media“The right to choose the future belongs solely to Ukrainians and no country in the world can turn on the red light on this path. However, no nation has paid such a high price for the rapprochement with the EU,” the president noted.

At the same time, Poroshenko expressed gratitude to the EU, as it consistently declares recognition and support for the aspirations of the Ukrainian nation for freedom, democracy and the establishment of common European values.