The Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine announced the official results of the Ukrainian parliamentary election in the foreign electoral district.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, in line with these results, Our Ukraine received 39.97% of votes, the Party of Regions – 21.15%, BYT – 17.39%. PORA-PRP Civil Block – 4.37%, the Socialist Party of Ukraine – 2.16%, “People’s Opposition” Block of Natalia Vitrenko – 2.05%, the Ukrainian People’s Block of Kostenko and Pliushch – 1.55%, the People’s Block of Lytvyn – 1.46%, “Svoboda’ Ukrainian Union – 0.85%, and the Communist Party of Ukraine – 0.80%.

On the whole. 34 thousand 115 people took part in the election. 1.81% voted against all parties.