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"Poroshenko lacked brains, experience, and restraint not to allow himself such utter foolishness... He is ‘shooting at himself’ rather than running the country," Saakashvili said in an interview with the BBC's Russian Service.

He noted that this was not the way people have their citizenship revoked. If there are legal claims, this is done in courts, "then there would be a perception of a legal process."

"Having done it so sneakily, while I was on a brief foreign visit, means that the authorities did something very wrong, and that they were in a hurry. What we saw had nothing to do with the legal process," Saakashvili said, adding that "it was the cowardly act by President Poroshenko, just a stab in the back. The legal issues absolutely do not matter here."

The former president of Georgia believes that he was deprived of citizenship, since Poroshenko viewed him as the most important obstacle for him and the oligarchs to retain power.

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In addition, Saakashvili noted that he holds no passports of other countries. "I don’t want them. I hold an absolutely legal passport of Ukraine, which was illegally revoked by Poroshenko. Justice will be restored," he said.

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